NEXUS Resilient Sustainability – A pioneering company
in the field of water- wastewater, environment and sustainable tourism
In Palestin

NEXUS Resilient Sustainability Consulting Firm was established in November 2017 and is based in Battir-Bethlehem, Palestine. NEXUS offers a wide range of consultations and studies in all aspects of water, wastewater, energy, ecotourism and the environment.

NEXUS was founded by experts who have local, regional and international experiences in water, wastewater, environment and energy. They believe in the knowledge exchange and technology transfer to overcome vicious problems hindering the principle of resilient sustainability.

Since its establishment, NEXUS’s philosophy of hiring outstanding professionals and giving them the support to accomplish what they do best has been the cornerstone of its success. NEXUS is committed to helping and encouraging employees to develop their technical and managerial skills.

Our vision 

To be an innovative consulting firm and to achieve a distinguished and a pioneering position in the consultation area in the field of water, wastewater, Energy, ecotourism and environment locally, regionally and internationally.

Our Mission 

NEXUS is committed to offering integrated and professional consultation services at the best quality. We work hand in hand with public authorities, service providers, donor agencies, institution and organizations which are developing and operating projects and seek best practices and innovative concepts in a resilient sustainable manner.


  • Our team brings the benefit of a diverse knowledge gained while working with public utilities, the private sector, local communities, and international donor agencies 
  • We offer an uncompromising commitment to capacity building and institutional development
  • We help our clients in analyzing problems and offer adequate solutions
  • We have a deep knowledge of the Palestinian context, the institutional framework and local authorities, in addition to the regional and international level
  • Our values: transparency, professional integrity and the seeking of solutions in a resilient sustainable manner  

Contact us! info@nexus.ps |+972 (0)2 737877

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