Specialized training for Sewage Collection Networks in Aqaba (Jordan)

NEXUS conducted a specialized training course in Operation & Maintenance for Sewage Collection Networks, took place in Aqaba, Jordan from 4 to 8 March, 2018. The training course targeted a group of wastewater technicians from different Palestinian Water Service Providers.

Trainer: Eng. Mohammed Al Khateeb

  • Over 17 years’ experience on a field of O&M for water and wastewater facilities.  
  • Professional experience in emergency response to sustain water & wastewater services. 
  • Institutional planning of water & wastewater provision services skills. 
  • Developer of maintenance management program for water utility. 
  • Planner for water & wastewater services. 

Course objectives

The training course aims to make technicians aware of safe and effective practices in performing the operation and maintenance works that ensure their personal safety and the safety of equipment they are operating. Participants will be trained on the best practices of the sewage networks operation and maintenance including safety management.

Course agenda

  • Types of wastewater collection systems
  • Components of the gravity collection system
  • Construction of collection system
  • Sewer network troubleshooting
  • Sewer network O&M Equipment’s
  • Practical Training (Field visit for network maintenance unit and for a sewer project)
  • Practical Training(selective field work practicing)
  • Practical Training (Field visit, pump station and maintenance shop)
  • Health & Safety
  • Course Closing, Evaluation and Graduation Ceremony